Eye Lash Extension Frisco Texas

St. Tropez Nail Spa is the best spa in and around Frisco, TX for eyelash extensions. St. Tropez Nail Spa uses the top of the line eyelash extension brands. Our eye lash extension sets give the residents of Frisco a natural look so that you appear to have longer, thicker and fuller lashes. If you live in Fairview, McKinney, Allen, Plano and Frisco feel free to call St. Tropez Nail Spa if you have any questions or to make your eyelash extension appointment today!

It Is so Very Special

St. Tropez Nail Spa is in the business of making a woman look fantastic. We have all kinds of manicures and pedicures that make a woman’s fingers and toes look as amazing as she is, and facials to relax tight and features and make her appear even more appealing.

Folks have to watch their pennies and nickels these days, and we have specials designed to give a person her dollars’ worth.St. Tropez Nail Spa provides discounts of all kind and we particularly appreciate teachers and students with 10 and 15% discounts, respectively. There is a full set of NexGen nails and pedicures that we can do for a fraction of the cost of each one separately. It can make that flower of Fairview simply blossom.

We want to get people in to the salon on days with business’s life and that’s why, on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday there are specials for the ladies to consider. These are pedicures with a little something extra, and they fit nicely into anyone’s budget. We must insist that only one discount be applied at a time and that specials be booked online. But with those administrative things aside, we provide top-of-the-line service to everybody who comes in for a little pampering.

That is what we enjoy doing most of all: giving that lady a little special treatment that she so certainly merits. Fingernails and toenails that look feminine and appealing.St. Tropez Nail Spa will offer specials for the folks at it goes without saying that we treat everybody who comes to us as a very special lady.

Getting Ready for a Great Time

Even the busiest person has a special occasion or two on the calendar. That is when a lady wants to look her finest just because the occasion calls for it. Getting to look top dollar may take a few special things like a facial and manicure all at one time. That is definitely no problem for all of us atSt. Tropez Nail Spa. We can do everything and we can do it all just for you.

We’ve got customized packages of services that can be exactly what you need to get ready for that big to-do or reunion with treasured friends. We can give you a facial massage to relax those lovely cheeks and unfurrow the brows, and we can even give you one really nice looking pedicure that makes toes stand out from those leather sandals. If the eyebrows need to be lightened with a little bit of waxing, we are happy to do it for you. All the things needed to help you look your absolute finest is what we intend to do.

The special occasions don’t come that often and they should be memorable. A good-looking manicure and a facial can help you feel less self-conscious and look even more radiant than you already are. Keep in mind that when you look your very best you are adding to the ambience of enjoyment that these affairs are supposed to have. It’s your private way of being of service to the other guests, and we are happy to be of service to you in providing just that.

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